4TH Class all went on a very special trip to Glanmore foods recently. Dave from Dublin bus provided the transport and brought us all to see how and where our delicious, healthy school lunches are made and packed. It was a fascinating insight into how so many lunches are made, produced and packed in such a short time. We were told 32,000 lunches are distributed from Glanmore to schools every day. We had a tour of the huge factory and got to see all the workers at their stations making the lunches we eat everyday. The bakery was one of the most popular places we visited because of the yummy fresh bread smell wafting around! We had a chance to see how the dough was made and actually try to create a type of bread roll ourselves using the dough. We had treats and were given goody bags which was very nice of all the people in Glanmore. Now we know all the hard work and processes that go into making our lunches we will appreciate the work and remember everything we saw every time we eat! THANK YOU GLANMORE !!!

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